Driver Rams Through Group Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline in Los Angeles

Driver Rams Through Group Protesting Dakota Access Pipeline in Los Angeles

A group of protesters blocking a road in Los Angeles just discovered that in a battle between a car and a liberal, the car does tend to win.

According to Fox News, a driver in a white car drove through an ad-hoc roadblock set up by a group of individuals protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline on Tuesday evening.

KNBC-TV reported that the protesters — which were organized by Gender Justice LA, National Queer Asian Pacific Islander Alliance and the women’s group Mujeres de Maiz — had blocked busy Wilshire Boulevard near the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers office in downtown Los Angeles.

Aerial footage shows one motorist who tried to slowly go through the roadblock to get to his destination, instead of going around it.

The protesters gathered around him, at one point covering the windshield with their banner. Some also seemed to almost throw themselves on the car’s hood.

However, the car kept on slowly moving through the roadblock, taking one protester with it.

Take a look:

Now, let’s be clear: If you run into one of these protests and you can go around it, you probably should. However, this shows just how dangerous — and stupid — these road-blocking protests are.

This individual behind the wheel had nothing to do with the Dakota Access Pipeline. The driver was not responsible for planning it, constructing it, or anything similar. And yet, this group of protesters decided to block a road and surround and intimidate him and motorists like him.

Why? Why not? That seems to be the common thread of thought behind these protests. They’re dangerous and they accomplish nothing. Yet, where were the police? Nowhere to be found. And it wasn’t as if there was a whole lot of critical mass behind this protest. As you can see from looking at it, this was a relatively small group.

It’s time for law enforcement to put an end to these protests before it’s too late.

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