Dr. Drew Says He Feels Sorry for Facebook Live Torturers, Claims “We Failed Them”


Dr. Drew Pinsky, usually known for his astute insight, displayed a surprising lack of judgment Saturday night while speaking with reporters about the kidnapping and subsequent live-streamed torture last week of a mentally challenged white man in Chicago.

“What’s going wrong in those kids’ lives that they could think not only that that’s funny, but that everybody else would think it was funny and that it would be OK to stream it?” he rhetorically asked TMZ.

“I had a very strange reaction where I felt bad for the kids perpetrating it — I really felt horrible for them,” he continued. “Their lives are going to be over,” he continued. “We’ve failed them … we have failed them.”

We, the American people, did no such thing. Like we do with every other citizen of this great nation, we offered them every opportunity to succeed, but they voluntarily chose to eschew the opportunity in favor of acting like utter fools. And for having made such poor choices, they are slated to pay some steep penalties in the form of extensive stays in state prison — rightly so, I might add.

That moment of idiocy by Dr. Drew aside, the doctor did have something intelligent to say about the phenomenon of bad parenting, which it could be argued did perhaps play a role in the four suspects’ lives.

“We do need to be more on top of our kids in a certain respect and more setting (sic) firmer limits and not being afraid to let them fail or afraid to have them frustrated or feel bad if we set limits,” he noted.

Listen to his full statement below:

Dr. Drew had a valid point about the need for more discipline, though he also cautioned against too much aggression.

“But we don’t need to be aggressive with our kids,” he continued. “I’m afraid we lose track of that line and end up being aggressive with our kids and then having aggressive kids. I mean, if we were aggressive with a dog and that dog ended up biting people, would we be surprised?’

By Monday morning, all that was known about the four suspects was that they had been hit with hate crime charges and were being held without bail, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

Whether or not the four had grown up under the tutelage of bad parents remained unknown, though judging by their despicable behavior, the chances were high.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

H/T U.K. Daily Mail