Donna Brazille Demands Investigation Into DNC Hack


After a small respite from the public eye, Interim Democratic National Committee Chair Donna Brazile is back and ready to to get to the bottom of the DNC email hack.

To do that, she has made an absurd request — she wants Congress to conduct an independent, bipartisan investigation into Russia’s interference with the U.S. presidential election.

In a letter to Congress, Brazile referred to herself as one of the “main victims” of the attack and asked Congress to “provide any needed assistance to an independent, bipartisan investigation of the attacks that includes public hearings,” The Hill reported.

It’s interesting how Brazile considers her party a victim of this hack, instead of a cheater who compromised herself in order to see her party win.

Brazil appeared on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday and told host Martha Raddatz that the election was “tainted” and Congress should look into what happened, how it evolved, what Russia’s motives were.

Watch Brazile discuss her letter to Congress, as well as the hack below. She mentions the letter at the 2:09 mark.

It’s astonishing to watch her talk ad nauseam about Russia hacking the DNC, but never once mention her own culpability in trying to rig the election.

It looks as though Democrats will continue to harp on the Russian hacking issue because it’s easy to blame the Russians for meddling with the election. However, we won’t hear them discussing how Brazile slipped the Clinton campaign questions prior to presidential debates, or how Clinton to set up a private email server in her home when she was secretary of state — issues that shine a light on the corruption of the Democrat Party.

Congress needs to launch an investigation into the Democratic National Committee for the countless crimes it committed during the presidential campaign, beginning with how the Clinton Foundation sold access to the U.S.

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