Donald Trump Vows to Support Police, Hosts Meeting With Police Union

Donald Trump Vows to Support Police Hosts Meeting With Police Union

During the Obama years, police organizations weren’t frequent or honored visitors at the White House. In fact, former President Barack Obama didn’t seem particularly supportive of our nation’s police. President Donald Trump, by contrast, has made them a focus since the earliest days of his campaign.

Trump proved it again on Tuesday, when he met with the Fraternal Order of Police in the White House.

“Great honor to host the Fraternal Order of Police this morning,” Trump posted on Facebook. “We support our incredible law enforcement 100% and will work night and day to make America SAFE again!”

He also posted a picture of the meeting.

Few other details were released by the White House. However, one thing’s for sure: You didn’t see a lot of cops in the Oval Office under the previous administration.

When it comes to America’s police, Trump isn’t just talk and meetings. In February, less than a month after he took office, Trump signed three executive orders to aid police. The orders, which dealt with funding and establishment of task forces, were the first steps in Trump’s pro-law enforcement agenda.

“The people who risk their lives every day to protect Americans need to know they are supported 100 percent,” a statement from the White House read.

Trump hasn’t stopped talking about law enforcement now that he’s been elected, either.

“I just want to let you know that our job is to help you in law enforcement, and we’re going to help you do your job,” Trump said during a roundtable of county sheriffs in February, where he laid out his agenda for stopping crime.

“We’re going to expand access to abuse-deterring drugs, which a lot of you have been talking about. They’re out, and they’re very hard to get. Stop the opioid epidemic. We’ve got to do it. It’s a new thing. And, honestly, people aren’t talking about it enough. It’s a new thing, and it’s a new problem for you folks. It’s probably a vast majority of your crimes — or at least a very big portion of your crimes are caused by drugs.

“We’re going to stop the border. We’re going to stop — we’re not going to have the drugs pouring from the border like they have been. We will work with you on supporting your longstanding efforts to strengthen the bonds between the communities and the police, which is very important.”

So much of Trump’s agenda has to do with law enforcement, and it’s clear that they back him up. It’s quite a difference from how it was during the Obama years.

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