Donald Trump Jr. Slams Rachel Maddow Over Release of Trump’s Tax Return

Donald Trump Jr Slams Rachel Maddow Over Release of Trumps Tax Return

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow embarrassed herself and her network when she teased viewers and told them she had copies of President Donald Trump’s 2005 tax returns.

She told her Twitter followers to tune in to her show to get the “scoop,” and urged them to stayed tuned for the White House response — because it was apparently going to be big.

As we’ve grown to expect, the “news” was nothing but hype that actually worked against the Democrat-led charge that Trump doesn’t pay taxes.

The actual news — that Trump not only paid his taxes but paid $38 million — brought a smile to the faces of many Trump supporters, with one in particular standing out from the crowd.

That supporter was his son, Donald Trump Jr., who immediately took to Twitter to thank the Trump-hating Maddow for proving to her Trump-hating followers how successful a businessman Trump really was.

His next tweet was a bit more mocking:

He even said he was going to sleep well after such a riveting spectacle.

It’s not just Trump supporters who are calling Maddow’s move a cheap stunt. Liberals, too, have been forced to admit that the whole thing was not only a bust, but a win for the president.

CNBC wrote that Maddow’s implosion handed Trump a “nice victory.”

CNN’s Van Jones even admitted on live television that CNBC’s “scoop” was nothing to get excited about.

It’s funny because the left is so desperate to get something on Trump that they’ll air just about anything.

What’s even more laughable is that just about everything the mainstream media have done to discredit the president has only come back to discredit them. We’re not complaining.

Despite how they have ruined their credibility, liberals will continue to look for ways to destroy Trump.

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