Donald Trump Jr. DESTROYS Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

Donald Trump Jr DESTROYS Elizabeth Warren on Twitter

In response to Congress’ failure Friday to repeal Obamacare, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren issued a tweet claiming that though she was pleased by the bungle, she could not celebrate as long as “the GOP is still hell-bent on rigging the system for the rich & powerful.”

Upon seeing Warren’s tweet the following afternoon, President Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. dropped a rebuttal tweet taking the Massachusetts senator and pretend-Indian to task for her glaring hypocrisy.

“Ha, you mean like someone who was paid almost $500,000.00 to ‘teach’ one class a semester at Harvard?” he wrote. “#DoAsISayNotAsIDo”

Take a look:

His point wasn’t to chastise Warren for being successful but rather to highlight the hypocrisy of her complaining about America being rigged for the “rich & powerful” when she, in fact, is one of the “rich & powerful.”

According to a CNN report from two years ago, the senator’s net worth at the time was estimated at between $3.7 million and $10 million. That easily placed her within the top 1 percent of Americans.

Moreover, she earned approximately $430,000 from teaching at Harvard throughout 2010 and through part of 2011. If Warren was so concerned about the “rich & powerful” benefiting from a rigged system, why didn’t she ask for a lower salary?

And if she really felt that the system was so unfair, why did she accept thousands of dollars in donations from the securities and investment sector of the financial industry last year, as noted by the Washington Free Beacon?

And if she was even remotely sincere in her supposed quest to make life more difficult for the well-off, why did she purposely take advantage of an ethics law loophole to avoid disclosing a $1.3 million credit line?

Cat got your tongue, Pocahontas?

This woman is a hypocrite — one who should stop complaining about the “rich & powerful” and maybe, just maybe, spend more time helping other Americans become as rich and successful as she is.

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