DNC Chair Candidate Tells Dem Party to “Grow up”

DNC Chair Candidate Tells Dem Party to Grow up

For the past few months, Democrats have been conducting an election post-mortem of sorts, attempting to figure out why they lost so badly to President Donald Trump.

During the DNC Future Forum in Baltimore, DNC chairman candidate Raymond Buckley gave his fellow Democrats some advice on the future of the party, the U.K. Daily Mail reported. His advice was summed up in two amazing words.

Grow up,” said Buckley, who is chairman of the Democrat Party in New Hampshire.

“We did not offer a positive message to anyone that I’m related to. We did not offer a message to my neighbors … What we did is say, ‘How offensive!’ Grow up. That’s not reality for most of America,” he stated.

Buckley explained that while he is openly gay, he also came from a working-class white family, and those are the folks the Democrats have left behind. By ignoring them, the Democrats lost their votes to Trump and consequently lost the election.

ABC News noted that Buckley’s remarks were met with sustained applause from the room, indicating that perhaps more Democrats were realizing that leaving middle class and working-class white America behind isn’t such a great idea.

“When we are running hundreds of millions of dollars worth of commercials, telling the voters that our opponent is offensive, when you are worried about your damn paycheck, when you’re worried about your job and where your kids are going to go to school, you don’t really give a crap about whether the president is an insult to us,” Buckley said.

The New York Times noted that while all DNC Chair candidates were united in their opposition to Trump, there were wide divisions among them still, ranging from those like Buckley, who think Democrats have strayed away from their historic base, to people like Rep. Keith Ellison of Minnesota who are extremely liberal.

It was nice to hear a Democrat chastise his own party for ignoring Americans who need help, though it’s doubtful Democrats will actually follow his advice and change their behavior.

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Source: conservativetribune.com