District Attorney Takes Action After McDonald’s Worker Puts Sick “Paste” in Cop’s Drink


An employee at a Topeka-based McDonald’s in Kansas purposely served a local police officer a Dr. Pepper that contained mustard — and by doing so, the soon-after unemployed schlub thus earned himself the unwanted attention of the local district attorney’s office.

The story first broke on Nov. 27, when the “Kansas GOING BLUE” Facebook page posted a photo of the unsavory-looking drink to its timeline.

“A McDonald’s here in Kansas just served a Law Enforcement Officer on duty a Dr Pepper with Mustard in a drive thru order,” the page’s owners, private citizens of Kansas who fervently support their local law enforcement agencies, wrote.

“This is extremely unacceptable!!” they added, perhaps unnecessarily.

According to The Topeka Capital-Journal, the employee who prepared this hideous yellow cocktail also wrote a message of some sort to the officer who received it, though the content of the message remained unknown.

Regardless, the Facebook post by “Kansas GOING BLUE” quickly went viral, garnering over 4,000 shares and reportedly inspiring the owners of the McDonald’s to launch an investigation.

Specifically, the owners sent their director of operations and their human resources supervisor to investigate the incident. The employee responsible for the mustard soda was subsequently terminated, and the owners issued a statement in defense of police.

“All customers, including local law enforcement officers who protect and serve our communities, are always welcome at our restaurants,” said franchise owners Tom and Marilyn Dobski. “We proudly support police officers and all divisions of first responders at our restaurants across northeast Kansas.”

But the story did not end there.

As reported by local station KSNT, the district attorney’s office has opened a criminal investigation into the matter, meaning that the perpetrator is out of more than just a job — he could also soon be out of freedom.

Tough luck, kid. You have only yourself to blame.

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Source: conservativetribune.com