DISGRACEFUL: Media Blitzing Tom Brady for Supporting Trump

Media Blitzing Tom Brady for Supporting Trump

Just days before the Super Bowl, New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady is facing some of the strangest and worst threats of his career, and they represent a growing concern for those who support President Donald Trump.

Democrats still reeling from their devastating loss in November are calling on the football superstar to renounce Trump, or else. Basically, as a Mediate columnist noted, the anti-Trump hysteria among the leftist media has reached the point where “anyone of note who’s supportive of the president of the United States must recant and submit to a public flogging.”

In the run-up to Super Bowl LI, the Patriots star quarterback — and arguably one of the best in the history of the NFL — is getting pressure from the left-wing media that he’s never faced from a defensive line on the field.

For example, the ultra-liberal Huffington Post published a piece that claimed Brady’s apparent support for Trump is worse than anything San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick could have ever done. Really. But just like mainstream media coverage of the White House, the article is filled with half-truths and liberal slants on Trump and his policies.

(Trump declared a hiring freeze on federal employees, for instance. To conservatives, that’s a step toward shrinking a swollen government. HuffPo plays it as an assault on the Department of Veterans Affairs.)

The Nation published a piece where it claimed Brady needed to “get a clue” about his relationship with Trump because Trump is using it for his own popularity. This article painted Trump as a celebrity stalker and Brady as an “actor” in the presidential election.

It, too, is built on a false impression — that the political force behind Trump’s victory rested on something as fickle as an athlete’s celebrity, instead of the grassroots outrage of Americans over the course of the country in the past eight years.

USA Today wrote that Brady no longer gets a pass one his friendship with Trump after Trump’s temporary ban on immigrants entering the country. The article jumped on the “Trump is a racist” bandwagon, noting that the president has been especially hateful this past week.

Brady has been nothing but diplomatic about his friendship with The Donald, but the left wants to see him suffer somehow for endorsing Trump — which he never actually did. It seems knowing Trump and being a friend is enough reason to put anyone to the rack.

This is the kind of insanity we’re dealing with, and it’s as disgusting as it is pathetic.

Liberals can never see their own hatred. The people and publications calling on Brady to denounce his friendship with Trump represent how low Democrats will go. Those who claim to go high when their opponents go low have proven there is no limit to the depths they’ll crawl when it comes to attempting to shame Trump and his supporters.

The only people who have a “Trump problem” are liberals and they need grow up and deal with it.

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