The Difference Between Trump Versus Sheen Explained In 4 Photos

The Difference Between Trump Versus Sheen Explained In 4 Photos

C.E. Dyer reports leftists have mounted campaigns against those connected to or in support of President Donald Trump as part of their untreated Trump derangement syndrome. Ivanka Trump has found herself as one of the targets of these leftist boycotts, but in an awesome turn of events, conservatives spoke up and started a #BuyIvanka campaign that sent her perfume sales through the roof on Amazon to the top of the bestsellers list.

Western Journalism reported:

In a widely publicized move, Nordstrom department store announced earlier this month it was dropping Ivanka Trump’s clothing line, which many online praised as a victory in the #GrabYourWallet campaign orchestrated to get consumers to stop buying Trump branded products.

TJ Maxx, Sears and Kmart also dropped Ivanka’s clothing line, shoes and accessories, BizPac Review reported.

Apparently the effort is not working or is having a counter reaction online at Amazon.

Ivanka Trump’s perfume is now a #1 Bestseller on Amazon.

It is outselling Jennifer Lopez’s scent, as well as Estee Lauder, Sarah Jessica Parker and Britney Spears brands, as well.

Conservatives have responded in a big way recently to the leftist pushback by grabbing their own wallets. After Nordstrom decided not to continue selling Ivanka Trump’s line, these shoppers posted a video of them dumping the store and planning to take their business elsewhere.

The #BuyIvanka campaign has gained a great deal of steam lately:

Just as we saw with singer-songwriter Joy Villa, who bravely donned a pro-Trump dress at the Grammys this year during a show that had an extreme anti-Trump bent, conservatives are stepping up to show their support in response to the left’s intolerance.

This movement is incredibly important because it shows that conservatives are not going to sit around and be bullied by the left. This huge campaign to #BuyIvanka as well as the push to support Villa — whose album rocketed to the top of the Amazon charts after the Grammys — is a major step in the fight against the left to win back the culture.

It is heartening to see so many people fed up with the left’s actions and deciding that they aren’t going to be silent any longer. With Trump doing the same in the White House, there is an incredible opportunity for change in this country — and we’re just getting started.

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