DiCaprio Labeled As A “Hero” After Handing Ivanka A DVD on Global Warming


A barely politically relevant men’s fashion magazine fell all over itself in excitement this week after Hollywood actor and hypocrite Leonardo DiCaprio met with President-elect Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka and left her a copy of his climate change documentary.

Never mind that the president-elect was in the process of selecting cabinet appointees and preparing to take office, certainly not a minor topic but one that didn’t interest GQ very much.

In a piece titled “Leonardo DiCaprio Heroically Gives Ivanka Trump a DVD About Climate Change,” GQ first slammed the Trump family for being alleged know-nothings and then pondered whether the actor’s gift could teach them “some important lessons.”

Apparently studying the intricacies of fashion and style has left GQ’s writers with the impression that they are political experts. They could not be more wrong, which was evident by the fact that they hired former MSNBC hack and lunatic Keith Olbermann earlier this year to host his own absurd political webshow on their website, as reported by NewsBusters.

Pivoting back to DiCaprio, it seems someone forgot to tell GQ’s political-analyst wannabes that he happens to be a first-rate hypocrite with a track record for flying in swanky fume-spewing private jets and associating with embezzlers.

In 2014, for instance, he took six private flights in a six-week period, according to Fox News. During that same year, he also rented the world’s fifth-largest yacht, which reportedly burns through $6 million in fuel per year.

The guy is a creep and hypocrite, and therefore but not surprisingly he is a hero to the kings and queens of creeps and hypocrites over at GQ, who in September reportedly described Trump as “human waste” and had this to say to anyone who dared vote for the then-GOP nominee: “F*** you!”

And to think that “GQ” used to stand for “Gentlemen’s Quarterly.”

Charming people. About as charming as Leonardo DiCaprio, a pompous Hollywood elitist who demands that everyone else curb their carbon consumption while he himself whizzes across the earth like some special little hotshot.

Memo to GQ staff and DiCaprio: None of you sanctimonious nitwits are special.

Granted, Ivanka Trump, who according to Politico aspires to be her father’s climate czar, felt a smidgen differently about DeCaprio, but he would be wise not to let that go to his big head.

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Source: conservativetribune.com