Deputy Gives Homeless Man Bible, 6 Months Later Deputy Learns It Changed Man’s Life Forever

Deputy Gives Homeless Man Bible 6 Months Later Deputy Learns It Changed Mans Life Forever

The vast majority of the good work that policemen do doesn’t involve running into a crime scene with their guns drawn. Sometimes it doesn’t even involve stopping crime. Such was the case with Deputy Matt Holman.

Holman, a deputy with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Office in South Carolina, was out on patrol one day in 2014 when he came across Robert Franklin Morris. By Morris’ own words, he was homeless and messed up on drugs and alcohol.

Deputy Holman asked the homeless man whether he needed anything or not.

“I need a Bible,” Morris responded.

Holman had his personal Bible in the trunk of his car. Even though he had a lot of memories attached to that Bible, he knew Morris needed it more.

It was a decision that the deputy would later call “the most tangible thing I’d ever experienced with being a witness.”

When you see why in this video from His Radio, you’ll understand:

While Morris would unfortunately pass away unexpectedly in March of 2015, he had completely turned his life around by then. He got off of drugs and alcohol, got mental health help, reconciled with his family and died a changed and restored man.

And all of that was due to his faith in God, spurred on by Deputy Holman’s amazing decision to give him his Bible.

As you can see, one of his favorite Christian bands even showed up to celebrate what he had done for Harris. Talk about awesome.

Atheists are likely going to hate this story. Even though Holman’s strong faith inspired and helped a homeless man to fix his life, they probably wouldn’t think that it would be appropriate for a public servant to do anything religious, even for a homeless man in dire straits.

What they don’t want to admit is that God can help people live a better life. Don’t believe us? Just look at what one simple Bible from a sheriff’s deputy did for this homeless man.

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