Dems’ Policies Cited As Reason Southern Border Overrun By Illegal Immigrants


Illegal immigrants are causing a crisis as they cross America’s Southern Border in record numbers, according to a whistleblowing Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer from El Paso, Texas.

The agent said that the numbers have reached the point where illegal immigrants have overrun existing detention facilities and are now being released into communities.

“The safety of the American public is at risk,” said the officer, who spoke to Breitbart News on condition that his identity not be revealed.

The agent noted that unlike past waves of illegal immigrants who sought to evade capture, this wave wants to be caught, so that they can start the path to citizenship in the event Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is elected president.

A CBS report from McAllen, Texas, noted that large numbers of illegal immigrants have crossed the border and turned themselves in to file paperwork to be granted asylum so they can remain in the U.S.

“This is a crisis situation that is not being acknowledged by the administration or the media. I know we had a crisis situation in 2014, but this has this by far surpassed that. Our officers are overworked and overrun,” said the agent, who has more than 10 years with ICE.

The agent said that the huge number of illegal immigrants has taken agents away from checking the backgrounds of those who enter the nation illegally due to the time necessary simply to process the vast number of arrivals.

“Would-be perpetrators have much more of a chance to make it through the system and into our communities. That’s a huge concern for us,” he said.

“In my book, if we miss one criminal alien who goes not to victimize one American citizen, that’s one too many,” the agent said. “But with the scale we’re talking about here, it’s likely lots of criminal aliens will to be able to slip through the system. So many Americans could potentially be affected by this.”

The agent said enforcement efforts are “handcuffed by policies.”

“The surge is worse than it was in 2014. Our southern border is not secure. It’s so porous. We have people working seven days a week just meet the demand and workload that’s being created by this administration’s policies,” he said.

“Once they’re processed, we have to either find placement for them or release them, and right now we don’t have any place to put them… If we have nowhere to house them, they’re going to be released into the public—hundreds of bodies will be released,” he said, noting that two days prior to his interview ICE had to either place or release 200 people.

For the federal fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, arrests of illegal immigrants crossing to the U.S. along the Southern border increased 23 percent.

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