Some Democrats Say NO to Chelsea… NO MORE CLINTONS

Some Democrats Say NO to Chelsea NO MORE CLINTONS

Not that many people liked failed Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, according to poll numbers from the 2016 election, and sadly for her daughter, Chelsea, it appears the apple does not fall far from the tree.

During a Democrat National Committee forum earlier this month, a number of attendees expressed displeasure at the prospect of Chelsea ever running for office, according to The Washington Times.

“Chelsea needs to go away,” argued Alaska native Guinevere Boyd. “She has nothing to offer. She has said some horrible clueless things about progressives and progressive issues.”

“The country does not have any more appetite for any Clintons,” added Baltimore resident Mike Bender. “Enough is enough, and frankly I think the Clinton policies, going back to (former President) Bill (Clinton), are what took the Democrats to the center and the right, and you can see what kind of enthusiasm that inspired.”

This sentiment was not held by just random DNC forum attendees, however.

Even noted pundits such as Michael Sainato — whose work has been featured at the Guardian and The Huffington Post — felt similarly.

“This would be a disaster for the Democratic Party,” Sainato declared in a recent piece for the New York Observer, referencing the possibility of Chelsea running for office.

“Chelsea Clinton’s potential emergence into politics opens the door for Democratic opposition to continue citing the litany of scandals and disastrous policies championed by the Clintons,” he continued. “The only good to come out of this would be for Chelsea Clinton to lose a congressional race, thereby re-teaching a lesson the Democratic establishment has continuously failed to learn.”

If that wasn’t clear enough, the headline of the piece was uncompromising: “Chelsea Clinton Is the Last Thing the Democratic Party Needs.”


The former first daughter has made occasional forays into the public sphere — generally with ill-advised Twitter criticisms of President Donald Trump or Republican politicians. But she’s not getting much traction in the party her parents once led.

Writing for The Huffington Post, contributor Edward Yaeger put it bluntly in a piece titled, “Why I Ignore Chelsea Clinton and You Should Too.”

“Chelsea really doesn’t have much to stand on when it comes to politics,” he noted. “Her accomplishments are difficult to pin down in spite of all of the exposure, connections, resources and power that a daughter of a U.S. president and of a U.S. senator has.”

In other words, Chelsea Clinton has accomplished nothing, unless one counts her status as the daughter of both a former president and a failed presidential nominee as a saving grace, which most Democrats clearly do not.

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