Dem Rep Denounces Wikipedia Instead Of WikiLeaks During TV Interview


There has been much talk over the past few weeks regarding the anti-government secrecy organization WikiLeaks and its efforts to expose corruption and deceit among members of the Democrat Party and the campaign of presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

In response to the leak of thousands of embarrassing and incriminating emails and internal documents, many prominent Democrats have chosen to purposefully ignore the contents of what has been leaked and focused solely on attacking the messenger, in this case Julian Assange of WikiLeaks, who liberals contend was working on behalf of the Russian government to interfere in the U.S. election.

Democrat Texas Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee has been an outspoken supporter of Clinton, so it was no surprise to see her appear Friday on MSNBC to mount a would-be spirited defense of her party’s candidate.

Unfortunately for her, she revealed to the rest of the country how uninformed she truly was by attacking the wrong “wiki” in her diatribe, according to Breitbart.

“You know, I’m going to first of all denounce the utilization of this intrusion by Wikipedia through the Russian intrusion,” stated Jackson Lee. “This is what it’s about. Espionage just like what was said over these last couple of days.

“We need to be concerned about the intrusion of Russia and Putin in these elections,” she claimed.

You can see it for yourself here:

Note that she blamed “Wikipedia” for the revealing leaks of information, not the WikiLeaks organization. Wikipedia,of course, is a free online “crowd-sourced” encyclopedia that millions of people use every day for generally innocuous purposes, and not for exposing corrupt political parties attempting to rig elections through a biased media and rampant voter fraud.

Nobody would ever accuse Rep. Jackson Lee of being the smartest kid in the class, but she certainly showed just how out of touchshe really is by humiliatingly denouncing a harmless online encyclopedia instead of the transparency organization exposing her own party for its corrupt wrongdoings.

People of Houston — how does this woman keep getting re-elected to represent your fine city?

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