DEM NIGHTMARE: Son of Black Man Tried by Jeff Sessions Says Sessions NOT Racist


The son of Martin Luther King Jr.’s former aide Albert Turner, whom Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions once prosecuted for voter fraud, has come out in defense of the senator and endorsed his nomination to serve as President-elect Donald Trump’s attorney general.

“My family and I have literally been on the front line of the fight for civil rights my whole life,” the son, Albert Turner Jr., said in a statement, as reported by The Washington Post. “And while I respect the deeply held positions of other civil rights advocates who oppose Sen. Sessions, I believe it is important for me to speak out with regard to Sen. Sessions personally.”

“I have known Sen. Sessions for many years, beginning with the voter fraud case in Perry County in which my parents were defendants,” he continued. “My differences in policy and ideology with him do not translate to personal malice. He is not a racist.”

With one fell swoop, Turner, who served as county commissioner in the Alabama seat his father held before his death 17 years ago, completely demolished the narrative peddled by leftist propagandists, which was that Sessions was somehow an unrepentant racist.

As reported by The Colorado Springs Gazette, accusations against the senator sprang up in 1986 during a Senate hearing for his nomination by then-President Ronald Serve to serve as a federal judge.

Thomas Figures, a black assistant U.S. attorney who worked for Sessions, testified at the time that his boss had referred to him as “boy” and made inappropriate jokes about the Ku Klux Klan, as noted by CNN. Though these allegations were never verified, they resurfaced late last year after Trump selected Sessions to be his attorney general.

The fact that Turner, whose father Sessions rightfully prosecuted decades ago, endorsed the man who once tried to take down his father spoke volumes. This was not just some random black gentleman. This was the son of a civil rights legend, and in his opinion Jeff Sessions was anything but a racist.

“I stand ready to work with Sen. Sessions as he becomes our country’s attorney general, and offer to him my willingness to help him in any way I might be of service,” Turner concluded.

Despite Turner’s fierce support for Sessions, however, it should be noted that both his mother and brother opposed the senator’s nomination.

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