Dem Lawmakers Want to Revise Amendment to Make It Easier to Remove Trump From Office

Dem Lawmakers Want to Revise Amendment to Make It Easier to Remove Trump From Office

When does being a sore loser become a diagnosable medical condition? I’m asking for Rep. Earl Blumenauer, an Oregon Democrat who now wants to take steps to remove President Trump from office just in case he’s an “unstable, paranoid or delusional president.”

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, Blumenauer — who represents the hipstertopia of Portland — said in a Wednesday speech on the House floor that he wants to revisit the 25th Amendment to allow for a panel of former presidents and vice presidents to remove a president from office if they think he’s mentally ill.

The move is rather unsubtly aimed at President Donald Trump.

“Like many people, I’ve noticed renewed interest in the 25th Amendment, as we’ve seen erratic behavior out of the White House and inability of Donald Trump to even tell whether it rained on him during his inaugural speech and repeating false statements that are demonstrably wrong,” Blumenauer said.

Yeah, like, “If you like your doctor, you can keep…” — oh wait, no, that one didn’t mean the president was mentally ill. Or like the time candidate Barack Obama said there were 57 states — wait, no, not that one either.

The 25th Amendment, for those of you unfamiliar with it (and I’m sure I’m speaking to nobody here), involves the presidential line of succession and how a president can be removed if he or she is unable to carry out the duties of the office.

“For a mentally unstable, paranoid or delusional president, the 25th Amendment has no guarantee of its application. In fact, it’s likely that it would fail,” Blumenauer said in his remarks.

Blumenauer is proposing a radical solution to his imaginary crisis.

“The alternative process spelled out by the amendment leaves the decision to the vice president and a so-far-undefined body created by Congress,” Blumenauer wrote in an op-ed for Oregon Live, published the same day as his speech. “I’m exploring legislation that would designate that ‘other body’ to be composed of a majority of former presidents and vice presidents to be a part of that deliberation. This group of people understands the pressures of the office and what’s necessary to discharge the responsibilities. Further, they all won national elections and were tested by actually discharging the responsibilities.”

So, in other words, Blumenauer wants to impanel three Democrats and two establishment Republicans — plus their vice presidents — to cast judgment on an anti-establishment Republican. Sounds pretty non-partial.

And who would know sanity better than this man?

The voice of sanity, seen here wearing a bowtie and a bicycle pin.

Blumenauer, who looks like an outré Matthew Lesko, believes Trump may be an “unstable, paranoid or delusional president.” Kettle, what’s shaking? This is Pot. Listen, I’ve got to make this call quick, my battery’s dying…

Blumenauer seemed to back off somewhat when he talked to The Hill. “All I’ve said is that this is strange behavior. It’s not normal in the circles I run in,” he said. “And it raises questions. People can make their own diagnosis. I’m not.”

It’s worth pointing out that the American Psychiatric Association instructs psychiatric professionals that it’s highly unethical to comment publicly on a political figure’s mental state. And Blumenauer, last I checked, is certainly no mental health professional. Nor did I see him clamoring for a clarification of the 25th Amendment when his party’s candidate evinced a very real health scare, practically collapsing at a 9/11 memorial ceremony last year. Maybe he was busy that week.

Blumenauer is, sadly, not the only Democrat trying this line of thinking. Sen. Al Franken of Minnesota has intimated other members of Congress — including Republicans — have told him that President Trump is “not right mentally” (because I’m sure Stuart Smalley is exactly the guy they’d confide that to), and Rep. Ted Lieu of California is working on legislation that would require a psychiatrist or psychologist to be stationed at the White House.

Thankfully, it seems unlikely that the 25th Amendment could be changed so radically through a “clarification” like Blumenauer’s, or that Congress would even bother taking it up. It demonstrates, however, just how far the Democratic Party is going to go to delegitimize Donald Trump’s election. No matter what, they cannot give up the ghost.

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