“Day Without a Woman” Closes School District, May Spell Trouble for Parents

Day Without a Woman Closes School District May Spell Trouble for Parents

The “A Day Without a Woman” protest must be one of the most unproductive ideas the left has come up with lately. Designed to encourage women to take action by not spending money or going to work, the movement only ended up causing chaos.

The Washington Post reported that a D.C. metro-area public school district cancelled classes on March 8 after more than 300 faculty members requested the day off, apparently to participate in the “A Day Without a Woman” protest.

Because of the school closings, parents in the area were left without child care. Some teachers were even worried about how low-income families, who often rely on school meals, would manage. The school system said it would open six schools so those children would still be able to eat.

The call to stand together only created problems, as most women, especially single mothers, need to work to provide for their families.

“We’re actually probably causing a lot of working women to scramble for child care and some of them are minimum-wage workers,” said one teacher, who spoke anonymously.

Tracy Kennedy, an independent consultant whose son attends one of the schools in the system, said she would lose a day’s pay over the matter.

“We have shown our teachers that they can basically rip the rug out from underneath our educational system and that it’s permissible,” she said.

Protesters “are trying to support women,” she said, “but women are the ones who are suffering.”

Sadly, situations like this occur far too often because the left simply doesn’t think things through.

Democrats will fight all day to be pro-choice when it comes to abortion, but abandon their pro-choice stance when it comes to issues they disagree with, such as owning guns. Similarly, when fighting for a higher minimum wage, liberals have only managed to get human workers replaced by machines that can do those jobs.

The idea of convincing women not to work or spend money is dumb. Feminists have fought for years for women’s rights, yet they hurt them by trying to prove some point about equality.

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