Darrell Issa Says Trump Ready To Reform The Department Of Justice


In a Friday interview on Fox News, Rep. Darrell Issa said that the Department of Justice under a Trump administration would re-assert its independence, especially in matters like the investigation of Hillary Clinton.

The California Republican also called what the current president did during the Clinton investigation “jury tampering.”

“I think it’s important that the president … get out of the business of prosecuting,” Issa said, responding to President-elect Trump’s decision to back off of a campaign promise to launch a new investigation into the Clinton affair. “But at the same time, he’s appointed, or proposed appointing an attorney general who has a long record of doing his job.”

“And so when we look at Jeff Sessions, in concert with FBI and other organizations, they need to do their job,” he continued. “And I think that’s where the balance of this next president is going to come, is in re-establishing the independence of the Department of Justice. If he doesn’t do it, Congress certainly will push for that.”

Issa also pointed out that the president hadn’t cleared Clinton of wrongdoing.

“He hasn’t said she’s innocent,” Issa said. “That’s a decision that needs to be made by the professionals.”

“Unlike President Obama, who said there isn’t a smidgen of evidence and who was constantly trying to essentially jury tamper, it’s important that this president stay out of it,” he continued. “This new Department of Justice is not going to have a bias from the top that this last one did.”

You can watch the interview here:

Considering the abuse of the Department of Justice under the Obama administration, a DOJ that will re-assert its independence from political concerns would be an amazing thing for the American people. Jeff Sessions is certainly a step in the right direction.

Let’s hope that the president-elect takes the other steps that Rep. Issa is talking about — steps that could end with Hillary Clinton in jail.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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