Dad Sees Son on Knees in Closet, Then Heart Drops When He Sees What Else Is There


Thanks to the rise in popularity of the internet, America’s children are being exposed to some very dangerous activities that their parents sometimes know very little about.

KKTV reported that a 13-year-old boy choked himself to death in his closet in 2015 while taking part in “The Choking Game,” which continues to be popular to this day. In fact, Metro reported that a 12-year-old killed himself playing the choking game just a few days ago.

The boy who died in 2015 was named Memphis Burgess, and his father was the one who found him in the closet.

“I went into his closet and I found him leaning up against the wall on his knees. I thought he was messing with me and I shook his shoulder. That’s when he turned around I noticed he was all blue and not breathing,” Brad Burgess, the boy’s father, stated.

“I felt robbed,” mother Annette Burgess added. “He was definitely a light. He brought joy to everyone he met.”

The game has been popularized by multiple videos on YouTube showing kids doing it and living.

The choking game is intended to be a “safe” way for kids to get high as cutting off oxygen to your brain for a limited amount of time can produce a euphoric feeling.

Unfortunately it can also lead to death as many children don’t know their limits and end up strangling themselves. Even worse, many parents aren’t even aware that the game is something being done by school children.

Watch KKTV’s coverage here (Some readers may have difficulty with the audio. CT has contacted KKTV about the issue — Ed. note):

Even if it doesn’t kill you, asphyxiation can cause permanent damage to brain cells and lead to strokes.

“No parent thinks their kids are asphyxiating themselves until they pass out; that’s horrifying to parents,” explained Martha Linkletter to The Washington Post. “But this is the age where kids are engaging in high-risk behaviors. That’s just what they do.”

While the internet has many wonderful uses, it also can result in the spreading of dangerous and deadly behaviors. Parents need to make sure they are monitoring their children’s online activities to prevent this sort of tragedy from continuing.

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