Dad Puts Baby up for Adoption. Twenty-Four Years Later, He Realizes He’s Been Standing Beside Her for Months

Dad Puts Baby up for Adoption Twenty-Four Years Later He Realizes Hes Been Standing Beside Her for Months

There are over 7 billion people in the world. Yet, the saying “It’s a small world” could not have been more evident for Will Russell.

In July 2012, he met his daughter, Amy Roberson, 24, whom he had placed up for adoption when she was an infant. But the story of how they found each other is what really puts our small world into perspective.

Will was not much older than a kid himself when Amy was born. Unable to provide for her and weighed down by alcoholism, he put her up for adoption in hopes she would make a better life for herself.

Describing life throughout his 20s as a “train wreck,” there would have been no way he could have raised a child. Over the years, Will was able to kick his alcoholism and in 2004 he had his last alcoholic beverage.

Thanks to his new Christian faith, Will turned his life around. In 2007, he became a pastor and dedicated his life to working with those who were living with the struggles he faced earlier in his life.

In April of 2012 he found Phoenix Rescue Mission and began volunteering his time there teaching discipleship classes. Working there soon became very special and he describes it as being “a home away from home.”

Little did he know his daughter was also serving at the same mission. Amy had started volunteering in March of 2012—only a month before her biological father.

Helping out in the kitchen once a week, she loved working at the mission…just like her father. She said, “When I first began volunteering at the mission, I instantly felt like I needed to be there.”

However, Amy knew there was something missing: she wanted to know who her biological father was and she yearned to meet him. Through social media she was eventually able to track down a few of her nine biological siblings who gave her Will’s number.

She called the number and Will answered. “It took a lot for me to make that phone call,” she said. “I was really nervous, but it was definitely something I felt like I needed to do.”

But she had no reason to be nervous. Like any loving father, he told her it was going to be okay and her worries disappeared.

Will was overjoyed himself that his daughter had reached out to him after 24 long years. “I had been praying that she would come into my life,” he said. “Receiving that phone call was as if God said, ‘I heard you.’

The next day, they met for breakfast where they shared stories, laughed, and enjoyed each other’s company until Will needed to leave. That is when things got crazy!

He told her he was scheduled to serve at Phoenix Rescue Mission and her jaw dropped. She divulged she also volunteered there and the realization hit them they had been working at the same place for a few months and never knew it!

They had never noticed each other because they belonged to different departments within the mission. Even though they had missed meeting one another by a few months, they are satisfied with how it all turned out. “God has perfect timing,” Amy admits.

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