Customers Write “Great Service, Don’t Tip Black People” On Receipt For Waitress

Customers Write Great Service Dont Tip Black People On Receipt For Waitress

A Virginia waitress received a compliment for her service, but it was the rest of the message left on the customer’s receipt that left her in shock.

Kelly Carter, who waits tables at Anita’s New Mexico Style Cafe in Ashburn, Virginia, said that after she served a young couple on Saturday morning, they left a note on their receipt that said “great service,” followed by “don’t serve black people.”

Yes, you read that right.

“I looked at the receipt three times,” Carter told WTOP.

Carter said the couple, a white man and woman in their 20s, were like any other customers. She added they never indicated they weren’t satisfied with her service, WJLA reported. The woman even commented on how good the food was, Carter added.

“It’s disheartening; I’m outraged,” Anita’s president, Thomas Tellez, told WRC-TV. “I was appalled, though it’s kind of in line with the political landscape, unfortunately.”

Remarkably, Carter said that if the customers returned, she’d serve them.

“My arms are still opened to him,” she said. “That’s him, not me.”

“I keep my head up. I have to keep moving. One hateful remark cannot stop me,” she said.

See her story here:

Carter’s positive reaction to the hateful note should be commended. It takes a big person to overlook such ignorant bigotry.

To think that racism like this exists in this day and age is disgusting and seems to support the argument that we’ve hardly evolved as a society.

While these customers are free to say what they want, that doesn’t mean they should do so. Comments like this serve no purpose, and they only prove how ignorant some people are.

It wouldn’t be a surprise if the restaurant owners banned these customers, and in fact we’d encourage them to. It’s not like they don’t deserve it.

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