Cummings Says Congress Has Confidential Dirt on Trump and That’s Why Dems Boycotted Inaug.

Cummings Says Congress Has Confidential Dirt on Trump and Thats Why Dems Boycotted Inaug

Democrat Rep. Elijah Cummings, when defending the more than 50 Democrat lawmakers who vowed to boycott President Donald Trump’s inauguration, implied that if the general public had access to the information Congress did, they would have boycotted the inauguration as well.

Of course, these congressmen and congresswomen haven’t seen fit to share that information with the American people — just to boycott the inauguration.

Because … politics?

“You’ve got to understand that members of Congress have a lot of information that the public does not have,” Cummings said in a CNN interview with Chris Cuomo. “And I can tell you over the last week or two, the classified briefings that I have been to, and if the public knew what members of Congress know …”

Seriously, is he a child?

Cuomo asked the obvious question: “Why don’t they? If it’s that important that it’s going to make people not go to the inauguration … shouldn’t people know?”

His response? Ignore the question and instead bring up the hacking allegations and FBI director James Comey “and what he did.”

“It seems as if the Republicans are sort of letting President-elect Trump sort of just move forward with regard to the conflict of interest issues, then this whole hacking issue. And I’m really concerned that we as Democrats have to push harder on Republicans to do something so that our standards are met and that he gets rid of these conflicts and that he also deals with the hacking,” he said later on in the interview.

The inauguration was likely more enjoyable without the boycotters anyway.

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