Crowder Trolls Liberal Churches With Refugee Proposal That Has Conservatives HOWLING

Crowder Trolls Liberal Churches With Refugee Proposal That Has Conservatives HOWLING

Liberals have been particularly adamant that it’s America’s moral obligation to bring in refugees no matter what, and no group has been more adamant about this than “progressive” Christian churches.

But how many of these churches are willing to put their collection plates where their mouth is? Conservative radio host and comedian Steven Crowder just found out, and the answer was illuminating.

In case you’re among the uninitiated to the strange animal that is Mr. Crowder, picture a wiseacre frat guy with a sense of humor, a brain and some sense of sobriety. Oh, and he’s a conservative provocateur, which makes things interesting.

Using the classical medium of crank calling, Crowder decided to see how many of these liberal congregations who want America to open the sluice gates of refugees would be willing to take some of the runoff. You’ll be shocked to see how they answered. Or not.

I haven’t heard that much discomfort since the last time Woody Allen and Mia Farrow got invited to the same dinner party.

As jocular of an 11 minutes that Steven Crowder may have given us, it also illustrated perfectly why we should be so suspect when liberals talk about accepting refugees without significant vetting and without caps. Do they want to house them? No, of course not. It will always be someone else, some other community.

The thing is that some community will have to deal with the refugees and the strain on resources or the other externalities that come with them. Just not Tribeca, Malibu, Brooklyn or the Hollywood Hills.

There’s the rub with liberalism. For all its good intentions, the problems are always farmed out. Eventually, though, they come back home.

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