Crowd Shows Its Appreciation For Pence Participation In ‘March For Life’ With Chants And Cheers

Crowd Shows Its Appreciation For Pence Participation In March For Life With Chants And Cheers

Mike Pence became the first vice president to address the annual March for Life in Washington, D.C., on Friday, and the crowd showed its appreciation chanting “USA! USA!…” as he ended his rousing remarks.

The theme of Pence’s speech was, “Life is winning again in America.”

Pence’s wife Karen pointed out that while this year marked the first time for her husband as vice president to address the gathering, they have attended many times during the past 16 years, since he was first elected to Congress.

Early in his remarks, Pence said that President Donald Trump asked him to take part in this year’s event. The president noted in an interview that aired on ABC News on Wednesday that the March for Life was not getting the media coverage it deserved, especially in light of the wall-to-wall air time given last weekend’s Women’s March.

No doubt Pence’s participation, along with top White House aide Kellyanne Conway, helped remedy that problem.

“It’s the best day I’ve ever seen for March for Life in more ways than one,” Pence proclaimed to the enthusiastic crowd.

He explained that 44 years ago, in the highly controversial Roe v. Wade decision, the Supreme Court turned away from the time-honored, self-evident truth enshrined in the Declaration of Independence that all are endowed with the “right to life,” but the new administration is committed to restoring it to its rightful place.

Pence went on to recount how life is winning again in America, including Trump signing an executive order on Monday reinstating Ronald Reagan’s “Mexico City policy,” which bars federal funds from being used to promote or perform abortions overseas.

The vice president also pointed out that the American people elected a majority pro-life Congress in November.

He stated that the administration fully supports a the congressional push to defund Planned Parenthood and redirect those funds to providers of women’s healthcare, who do not perform abortions.

Further, Trump will announce next week his Supreme Court nominee who will be “in the tradition” of the late, decidedly pro-life, Justice Antonin Scalia.

Pence closed his remarks by quoting the author of the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson, who wrote, “God who gave us life gave is liberty.”

The vice president promised, “We will not rest until we restore a culture of life in America for ourselves and our posterity.”

In stark contrast to the Women’s March, which had people chanting, “Donald Trump has got to go,” as Pence left the stage, the crowd chanted, “USA! USA! USA!”

“We are so proud of our friends and longtime allies Vice President Pence and presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway,” Susan B. Anthony List president Marjorie Dannenfelser said following the rally. “Being pro-life and speaking out for the voiceless is part of their core beings. Their leadership in the White House is an outward sign of the strength of the pro-life movement. It is why pro-life grassroots nationwide worked so hard to elect this administration.”

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