Crash Victim Should Have Been Taken to Hospital, Instead Ends up in Stunning Location


An African motorcyclist who was declared dead at the scene of an crash by emergency medical rescue services was found alive in the worst possible place the following day.

The unidentified victim, who had been taken to the Phoenix mortuary in Durban, South Africa, was discovered to be alive in a morgue refrigerator the next day when his family went to identify his body.

Mortuary staff noticed something strange about the man when the family arrived to identify the body, Reuters reported — namely, that he had a pulse and was attempting to breathe.

Doctors and nurses resuscitated the man and warmed him while his relatives received counseling, Africa’s News24 reported.

Authorities transferred the man to Mahatma Gandhi Hospital where, sadly, he later died.

The Kwa-Zulu Natal health department said an investigation into the incident was underway.

“The department can confirm that an internal inquiry is underway regarding this matter,” Mtshali said.Sifiso Mtshali, who heads the department, the New York Post reported.

Talk about a bizarre and deeply sad situation.

To make things even more strange, Mtshali said the incident happened while the DA was conducting an oversight visit at the hospital. Perhaps that visit will help set things straight quickly.

“This horrific event has again highlighted the extreme shortcomings within the KZN health department’s EMRS and mortuary services,” Mtshali concluded.

There’s no disagreeing with Mtshali that there are extreme shortcomings within the departments handling this case. This kind of disturbing scene needs to happen only in horror films — not in real life.

Hopefully authorities will quickly get to the bottom of what happened to this poor man and his family in order to prevent a similar situation from happening.

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