Cops See Blood Soaked Rape Victim Walk In… Then Notice What’s In Her Hand

Cops See Blood Soaked Rape Victim Walk In Then Notice Whats In Her Hand

An Indian woman who had suffered rape at the hand of her brother-in-law decided she’d had enough and took matters into her own hands — literally.

The blood-soaked victim walked into a police station with her attacker’s penis in her hand and told police she’d been raped.

She handed over the the man’s penis and said it was the only way to make him stop, according to the U.K. Daily Mirror. The victim, 32, claimed she’d been raped by the man repeatedly over the past several days.

Police hurried to the scene of the rapes in the Sidhi district early Thursday morning. Upon arriving, they discovered the suspect had committed suicide. He had apparently hung himself from a tree near the home.

The woman told police her husband worked in Nashik several hundred miles away and she was living with her-brother-in-law.

“When he forced himself on me, I faked consent and severed his privates with a sickle,” she told police.

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The woman was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

Sidhi SP Abid Khan told the paper it was a “rare case” that needed to be investigated further. The woman was deemed mentally stable and said she did not regret what she did.

This isn’t the first time a rape victim has taken care of her attacker. One young girl beheaded her attacker and other victims fight back any way they can.

Attacks like these are brutal and men who think they can get away with them are animals. As these victims demonstrate, frightened women can be quite resourceful when it comes to defending themselves and sometimes they make their attackers regret ever even thinking about raping them.

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