Cop Sends Selfie to Uber Driver Who Tried Ransoming Woman’s Purse

Cop Sends Selfie to Uber Driver Who Tried Ransoming Womans Purse

A Seattle police officer who learned that a woman’s purse had been stolen by an Uber driver was able to retrieve the purse by doing something unusual — sending the perp a text and a selfie.

The woman reportedly contacted Officer Eric Michl in the Capitol Hill neighborhood around 2 a.m. after she’d left her purse, wallet and ID in an Uber vehicle and the driver demanded she pay him for its return, according to KTVI.

She said she had offered to pay the driver’s fare if he brought her things to her, but the driver turned down the offer and instead demanded more money.

In an effort to help the victim get her belongings back, Michl initially called the Uber driver and left a voicemail regarding the situation, according to KCPQ.

But when the driver didn’t respond, the officer sent a text — along with a selfie of himself to prove he was an officer — explaining that the driver could be arrested if he didn’t return the purse.

“I send him a message to call me or I would track him down and arrest him,” Michl wrote in a Facebook post. “I even included a selfie. This prompts Mr. Uber to call me right away.”

Apparently, sending a text and a selfie is the key to catching bad guys, because after receiving the two from the officer, the Uber driver quickly brought the woman’s purse back.

“Through art of persuasion (threat of arrest, jail, and car being impounded) Mr. Uber saw the light and agreed to return the purse forthwith and without charge,” Michl explained in the post.

The perp told Michl that he didn’t initially return it because he had been busy “taking other fares.”

The woman was reportedly relieved to have her items returned to her so quickly, as she was scheduled to fly home to Los Angeles later that day and wouldn’t have been able to board the plane without her identification.

Although the Uber driver was not arrested, an investigation into the incident remains open, according to UPI.

Thank you to our police officers, like Officer Michl, who do whatever it takes — from sending a selfie to disarming dangerous gunmen — in order to protect us and our communities from criminals and harm.

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