Cop Sees Kids Ages 2 and 4 Screaming for Daddy. What Happened Next Leaves Mom Bawling

Cop Sees Kids Ages 2 and 4 Screaming for Daddy What Happened Next Leaves Mom Bawling

It was a small act of kindness, but one that had a big impact for two children whose father was leaving on deployment. Now, one officer has gone viral simply for lending a helping hand.

It all began when Navy dad Josh Buetow was leaving on the USS Carl Vinson. His wife Brettany had brought their children to say goodbye.

The small family stood across from Shelter Island and called out their farewells over the water. It was nearly impossible for their father to hear them, but little Rileigh and Austin tried with all their might to make their voices reach their father’s ship.

Officer James Weaver was in his patrol car across the parking lot when he saw the children. He immediately understood why the family was there.

Barely able to hear the children himself, Weaver knew there was little chance their father would hear them. That’s when he decided to help.

Knowing he could aid the children in saying goodbye to their father, he pulled up to the family and offered him the use of his PA system. Both children were able to speak into the officer’s microphone and broadcast their goodbyes.

“Bye daddy, we love you!” they called. Thanks to Weaver’s help, their voices rang out loud and clear.

While they expect Josh to return by the summer, his leaving is hard on the Buetow family. Brettany is especially glad for Weaver’s simple act of kindness, which turned a bittersweet farewell into an unforgettable moment.

A grateful Brettany posted photos of Rileigh and Austin with Officer Weaver to her Facebook account. The photos quickly went viral, and the post was shared hundreds of times.

For his part, Weaver is shocked by the response to an act he considers ordinary. “I just thought I’d come over and try and let a couple of kids say bye to their dad,” he told NBC San Diego.

Officer Weaver is yet another fine example of how a simple, seemingly ordinary act can have far-reaching results. His impulse to lend a helping hand has not only alleviated the pain of one family’s separation — it has also inspired countless others in the process!

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