Cop-Hating Congressman Goes to Cops to Complain About Theft of Cop-Hating Painting

Cop-Hating Congressman Goes to Cops to Complain About Theft of Cop-Hating Painting

When Rep. Duncan Hunter took down a painting hung in the U.S. Capitol that depicted police officers as pigs, Rep. William Lacy Clay was livid at the California Republican. Even though Rep. Hunter had only taken down the painting and returned it to the Missouri Democrat’s office because it was offensive to police, Clay wanted Hunter to pay dearly for making him look bad.

So, what did Clay do about Hunter’s decision to take down a painting that depicted police as pigs? He, uh, went to the police.

If irony and cognitive dissonance could create power, the Democrats would ensure we would never have to worry about drilling another drop of oil.

“He had no right to take that picture down,” Clay said Monday, according to The Washington Post. “It’s thievery.”

While I’m sure Rep. Clay would know thievery, given that he’s a member of the party of tax-and-spend, I’m not quite sure what Hunter did rises to that level.

According to The Hill, Clay wasn’t just expressing his belief in artistic freedom. He supported the statement that the painting by artist and recent high school graduate David Pulphus made.

“Those are his impressions. Those are his feelings. That’s how he formed his opinion,” Clay said. “And he expressed it in his art, because those were animalistic traits of people dressed in blue.”

The painting depicted a scene from Ferguson, Missouri, where porcine, animalistic police officers were abusing the populace.

So, just so we’re clear, here’s Clay’s message to the Capitol Police: “You guys are animals. You guys are pigs. You guys are abusers. Can you charge a guy who made me look bad with a crime?”

Clay was part of a group from the Congressional Black Caucus who rehung the offending artwork on Tuesday. Law enforcement groups had been urging House Speaker Paul Ryan to remove the artwork, which is part of an exhibition of 435 entries from the 435 districts that the House of Representatives serves.

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