Cop Driving in the Dark Gets Eerie Feeling and Stops, Seconds Later All Hell Breaks Loose


A Houston police officer is being called a hero after he confronted some would-be robbers who were following him home.

KHOU reported that the officer, whose name was not released, was a 34-year veteran of the police force. He was heading home late Thursday from a second job in his personal vehicle when he realized another car was following him

The officer pulled over, hoping that the driver behind him would just go past. He was wrong.

The vehicle stopped and a male with a gun in his hand got out. The gunman walked towards the officer, who identified himself as a cop and ordered the man to put the weapon down.

“At that point in time, a rear passenger got out and began running toward the sergeant. As he went under street light, he had an arm extended and was pointing a pistol directly at the sergeant,” Houston police spokesman Kese Smith told reporters.

The officer fired his weapon, striking that gunman in the buttocks. The gunman then retreated back to his vehicle where three other suspects were waiting.

About 10 minutes after the shooting, police were called about a report of a shooting victim nearby.

When officers arrived at that scene, they realized the vehicle was from the earlier shooting. Police took three suspects, ages 16, 17 and 18, into custody, while the fourth suspect, 15, was taken to a local hospital in serious condition.

The officer’s neighbors said he is the kind of man to stand up to criminals and protect his neighborhood from thugs.

“He is the type that would stand up and turn the tables on everything,” one neighbor said.

“Hopefully, this will keep a few people out that shouldn’t be here,” another neighbor said.

Thankfully, this officer was trained and was able to defend himself. Had he not been armed, who knows what could have happened to him? Given the wave of violence against police officers in America, it is entirely possible that these thugs could have tried to kill him.

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