Conway Indicates Clinton Email Probe Could Continue


Hours after participating in a rancorous public forum in which Clinton campaign staffers accused the Trump campaign of pandering to white supremacists, Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway suggested that the Hillary Clinton email scandal could be revived after President-elect Donald Trump takes office.

Conway’s comments come two days after a key congressional Republican vowed to continue probing former Secretary of State Clinton’s use of a private email server in order to determine what damage was done to United State’s secrets.

Since his Election Day victory, Trump has sought to move on from his comments about prosecuting Clinton, likely in an effort to unify the country and move forward. However, as shown in a Thursday forum where Clinton campaign aides attacked Trump’s campaign, the anger engendered by the bitter campaign is far from over.

During an appearance Friday on Good Morning America, Conway discussed the email scandal and any possible next steps.

“There will be officials who are in charge of such things in the Trump administration who may look at that again,” Conway said.

Trump is “moving on to focus on the future, not the past,” she added. “And he has said to The New York Times, on the record – he thinks that the Clintons have suffered enough.”

However, “the Department of Justice, the different committees, the FBI perhaps, can take a different look,” she said, without revealing if Trump would support that action.

While Trump may have moved on from the email scandal, it appears many of his supporters have not.

During a Thursday rally in Ohio, Trump supporters chanted “Lock her up! Lock her up!” when Clinton’s name was mentioned.

“That’s the way they feel,” Conway said Friday.

At least one key Republican said the investigation into Clinton will continue.

“We can’t just simply let this go,” House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, R-Utah, said on Fox News Channel’s America’s Newsroom Wednesday.

“If the president or president-elect wants to pardon Secretary Hillary Clinton for the good of the nation, that is their option,” Chaffetz added. “But I have a duty and an obligation to actually fix the problems that were made with Hillary Clinton.”

Chaffetz said there is a vast difference between the emails as a political issue and the need to find the truth.

“A political election does not extinguish the need for transparency, truth and justice,” Chaffetz said. “We want to get to the truth.”

He said that the full story of the email scandal has yet to be told.

“There are tens of thousands of documents the State Department still has not turned over to the United States Congress that should be available,” he said. “There’s issues relating to the Department of Justice. I still think that the federal government needs to provide to Congress the records which we sought.”

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