Consev Notices Something Wrong With YouTube, Then Discovers YouTube Is Attacking His Finances!

Consev Notices Something Wrong With YouTube Then Discovers YouTube Is Attacking His Finances

Prior to the 2016 election, there were concerns among conservative-leaning media outlets that an increasingly progressive federal government would seek to use its power to essentially silence conservative voices being broadcast online through videos and websites.

However, after the election of President Donald Trump threw a wrench in that plan, it has seemingly fallen on the liberal-dominated tech industry giants to pick up that ball and run with it, and now Google-owned YouTube is being called out for it.

According to Conservative Review, radio and TV host Steven Crowder noticed many months ago that he was effectively being silenced by YouTube in a subtle and apparently arbitrary manner, as virtually all of the videos on his popular channel had been switched to “restricted” mode, meaning they couldn’t be viewed by anyone under 18 years of age.

“I guess it would make sense if my channel were a strong ‘R.’ But since ‘Louder With Crowder’ is syndicated, we even follow FCC guidelines,” Crowder explained at the time. “The content isn’t even a PG-13!

“Guess what, though?” he added. “The Young Turks Channel, which is filled with profanity and ‘hate’? They’re not restricted.”

It would seem that the situation has not improved since, and in fact may have even become worse, as Crowder just released another video slamming YouTube for silencing his channel while prominently featuring that of his foul-mouthed progressive rivals.

After first rehashing the “restricted” mode issue and pointing out that the “naughty words” and “hate speech” he and other conservatives conspicuously avoid using don’t result in liberal-leaning videos being restricted from view, Crowder revealed that YouTube had begun to go after him financially by depriving his videos of ad revenue.

Crowder explained that YouTube had changed the algorithms it used to determine how much ad revenue a YouTube creator receives, typically based on number and length of video views, and shared a chart showing how his revenue had plummeted to zero virtually overnight after one such change had been made.

This occurred despite his efforts to comply with all of YouTube’s terms, such as avoiding copyright violations, complying with fair use policies, avoiding the use of “click-bait,” as well as the aforementioned avoidance of using swear words or outright hateful speech.

Yet his videos remained restricted, many demonetized and hidden from “Trending” or “Featured” menus.

You can watch Crowder’s entire rant here:

Sadly, this is little more than evidence of a liberal-biased tech industry giant waging economic warfare against a conservative who is unafraid to speak the truth as he sees it.

Even more disturbing is that Crowder is not alone in being targeted by YouTube or parent company Google, but has been joined by plenty of other, perhaps less vocal victims who have been silenced by liberal corporations.

This must stop, but it will likely take an outraged public making it crystal clear that this is wholly unacceptable to make that happen.

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