Conservatives Cheer After Seeing Moving Truck Pull Up to the White House


For Christians, the most wonderful time of the year comes on Dec. 25. For Republicans, the most wonderful time in eight years will come a little less than a month later, on Jan. 20: the day President Barack Obama moves out of the White House.

There will be inauguration parties for hosting, champagne glasses for toasting (except for the president-elect, who doesn’t drink), Democrat agendas for roasting, and oath-taking, perhaps out in the snow. Then there’s the scary Obamacare stories and tales of old glories of Reagan administrations, three decades ago.

And while that day might not be here yet, much like the professional-decorated Christmas tree going up in your local Nordstrom’s as soon as the calendar turns over to November, there are little reminders of the joys we’re about to experience.

Like moving trucks in front of the White House:

Needless to say, liberals immediately went into conniptions over the CNN reporter’s tweet.

That Twitter user, by the way, had previously re-tweeted a status that compared conservatives to a suicide cult: “If this Trump thing does end like Jonestown, (Ann) Coulter will be one of those who will be happily gulping down the Kool Aid,” the tweet read.

I’d like to point out firstly that Kool-Aid gets a bad rap (leftist preacher Jim Jones actually used Flavor-Aid, a cheap Kool-Aid knockoff, to deliver the cyanide and cocktail of sundry other drugs to his followers). However, I find it interesting that a moving van outside the White House offends the delicate sensibilities of one @kxwallace, but comparing their ideological opponents to a suicide cult that killed off 918 people in the jungles of Guyana apparently ain’t no thang.

Others were a bit less morose over the news:

Sadly, it’s not so exciting for those within the White House.

“It’s more like organized chaos,” former White House Chief Usher Stephen Rochon said, according to KTRK-TV. “We have one truck on the south lawn that belongs to the outgoing president and first family facing south, and the incoming truck facing north toward the White House on the east side of the south grounds.”

All we have to say is: Bon voyage!

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H/T Washington Examiner