Condoleezza Rice is not interested in being Trump’s running mate


Condoleezza Rice not interested in VP spot

Condoleezza Rice isn’t interested in serving as Donald Trump’s vice presidential pick.

“Dr. Rice has repeatedly said in past cycles as well as this one, she’s not interested in being Vice President,” her chief of staff, Georgia Godfrey, told Yahoo News.

“She’s happy at Stanford and plans to stay,” Godfrey added in the statement published Friday. Rice returned to Stanford after George W. Bush left office in 2009.

The former secretary of State also does not plan to go to the Republican National Convention in Cleveland next month, her aide said, where Trump is slated to be officially declared his party’s nominee.

Rice has largely side-stepped the tumultuous 2016 presidential campaign while resisting the pleas from some Republicans in recent years for her to return to politics.

Still, Rice, who remains a high-profile American-American GOP figure, does have plans to help down-ballot candidates running for reelection this year, a source told Yahoo.

“She plans on doing a few events to help her friends in the Senate,” the source said. “She’s concerned about down-the-ballot races and wants to be helpful where she can.”

The New York Times reported late Thursday that Bush himself is working to help several vulnerable GOP senators whose reelection bids have been complicated by Trump.