College Lecturer Sent to Hospital After Threatening to Shoot Whites


Real-world education is tough for liberals. For the entitled and whiny, and it can be just plain overwhelming.

Rutgers University adjunct lecturer Kevin Allred has just been schooled in acceptable social behavior.  He was taken by Rutgers Police Department officers to Bellevue Hospital for a psychiatric evaluation after campus police said he made threats to kill white people, according to a story by NBC4 in New York.

Allred thought his entitled, inflammatory rhetoric was somehow covered by the First Amendment to the Constitution. Hopefully the psychiatrists and the police set him straight.

Here’s the tweet:


Allred’s eloquence doesn’t stop there. About his stint at Bellevue, he tweeted, “even the doctors thought it was ridiculous to take me to a psychiatric hospital and force me into evaluation. it was f—ing intimidation.”

Allred doesn’t bother with capital letters, spacing or correct punctuation, but feels fine about profanity. Let’s be glad he’s not teaching English.

His website bio describes him as believing in “disruptive creativity” and “relentless vulnerability.” He also teaches a popular course called, “Politicizing Beyonce.”

How mad are you right now that anyone makes a living doing this?

Another tweet Allred posted on Tuesday showed an American flag being ignited. After his escort to the rubber room, Allred walked it back (sort of) by deleting the most inflammatory tweets. He explained that his comments were rhetorical and not a true threat.

Really? Ranting about buying a gun and shooting people at random sounds pretty threatening. The right to free speech is sacred in this country. The absolute right to say whatever you want does not exist.

Allred also tweeted that students should all participate in a walk-out planned for Rutgers’ New Brunswick campus in opposition to Donald Trump’s election to the presidency. Let’s hope those students walking out of class aren’t receiving a dime of federal aid.

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