College Kid Wants Trustee Removed for Meeting with Trump, Caught Totally Unprepared in Fox Interview


American University student Gray Leonard never saw it coming. Instead he strolled into a feisty debate with Fox News host Tucker Carlson thinking it would be a breeze.

He thought wrong.

Seen Monday night live on Fox News, the interview showed the college brat speaking on behalf of protesters at his university who wanted school trustee Gary Cohn to be ousted from the board because he had met with President-elect Donald Trump the week prior.

“We, the students of AU, will not let a man who endorses Donald Trump’s hateful agenda remain in a position of leadership at our university,” Leonard’s peers announced in a protest page on Facebook last week, adding that Cohn’s connections to “Trump’s hate” made him ineligible to serve on the board of trustees.

When the teeny-bopper tried making this exact argument on Fox News, however, he quickly discovered that such flimsy logic rarely flies in the real world.

““Your complaint in this case seems to be that he met with Donald Trump,” Carlson asked him. “I wonder if that’s a crime, and should it be?”

“No, it’s not a crime to meet somebody, obviously,” Leonard admitted, claiming instead that it was a “conflict of interest” because Cohn’s association with Trump somehow meant tuition was going to increase and students at the school were going to be tossed into lifelong debt.

“(T)uitions have risen through eight years of the Obama administration,” the host said in rebuttal. “Trump isn’t even president yet, and I don’t think you would be protesting someone who met with Obama.”

He and his peers certainly would not.

“It looks a little like McCarthyism,” Carlson continued. “I don’t know if they teach you that in school, but that’s the idea that associating with someone is the same as sharing his views.”

Ouch. As could be observed in the video, the kid with the cheesy prom mustache stood no chance.

You can watch here:

Here is some advice for young Gray Leonard: Stop wasting your time protesting stupid things and start studying, because clearly you still have a lot to learn.

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