Coal Mining in America Sees Revival Since Trump Took Office

Coal Mining in America Sees Revival Since Trump Took Office

Less than one month after President Donald Trump rolled back federal regulations that restrained coal mining, the coal mining industry has begun experiencing a revival.

According to Fox News, the boom was especially strong in southwestern Virginia, where demand is skyrocketing under the Trump administration.

Rick (no last name given), a long-time plant supervisor, said that production doesn’t take a day off anymore.

“We load coal every day for the power plant in Virginia City,” he said. “There’s one shipment a week for Georgia Power and one for Tennessee Eastman.”

In February, President Trump did away with the Stream Protection Act, a President Barack Obama-era regulation that forbade coal miners to dump coal debris into nearby bodies of water.

During his announcement of his decision to undo the regulation, Trump predicted the move would save thousands of coal mining jobs. Just a few days after that decision, Pittsburgh’s KDKA-TV reported that officials were planning to open a new coal mine in western Pennsylvania by the end of 2017.

Corsa Coal Corp. CEO George Dethlefsene credited the Trump administration for the decision to open the mine.

He said Trump’s construction and infrastructure plans “will (also) help steel demand, which is good for the coal industry.”

It seems as if Trump knows what he’s doing when it comes to energy, construction and infrastructure. While he still has many critics who say the roll-back of Obama-era regulations will be destructive, preliminary reports find that the results are actually quite the opposite.

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