Co-Workers Chip In to Buy Refinery Security Guard a Vehicle for Christmas


This is one worker who knows he’s appreciated.

A Texas oil refinery security guard named Adrian Alcorn has amazed his co-workers for months now by bicycling to work every day no matter what the weather — or the hazards from highway traffic — because a bicycle was the only means of transportation he could afford after his car quit on him.

The road was dangerous — especially since Alcorn often rode to work in the dark because of his job’s hours. He duct-taped a flashlight to the handle bars, both to see and be seen by the tanker truck traffic surrounding the Valero Texas City Refinery.

Last week, just a few days before Christmas, Alcorn’s co-workers got a chance to amaze him in return, by surprising the humble man with the gift of a car they purchased by collecting among themselves to make his Christmas a special one, according to KTRK in Houston.

The original idea was to get Alcorn’s car repaired, co-worker Chris Lenormand told the station, but it soon grew to include a whole new vehicle.

“We thought it could fix his car, or we could give him the cash to do it,” he said. “And then we thought, ‘Why not just get him something newer and dependable?’”

Superintendent Jason Danford told the television station that once the idea started getting around to raise money to buy the vehicle, Alcorn’s co-workers were happy to get in on the action.

“Everybody was jumping in saying, ‘I’ll donate.’ No set number, whatever you can give,” Danford said.

At first, it didn’t look like the well-intentioned group had raised enough money to buy a car from their local dealer, Texas City Toyota. But just in time, a trade-in Toyota Ray 4 showed up in the lot that fit their price range – about $3,000 in donated money.

And it was a done deal.

Three days before Christmas, the group met Alcorn when he arrived at work on his bicycle – at 4 a.m., having ridden in the dark just to get to his job.

Check out KTRK’s coverage here.

To many people, $3,000 for a used vehicle might not seem like a lot, but to an employee like Alcorn, it meant the world.

“I guess I have more friends than I know,” he told KTRK. “I believed I was going to get a blessing one day.”

And for Alcorn, as it has for other lucky people, that blessing came, compliments of his admiring co-workers, just in time for Christmas.

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