As CNN Panics Over 4 Years of Trump, Cavuto Says “Payback’s a B****” [VIDEO]

As CNN Panics Over 4 Years of Trump Cavuto Says

Fox News host Neil Cavuto tore into CNN Thursday during an episode of “Your World,” pointing out that the network was experiencing similar treatment to that which Fox News experienced during eight years of President Barack Obama and reminding it that payback is a b****.

Cavuto reminded CNN how they, and other mainstream media outlets, did little when President Barack Obama and the left repeatedly attacked Fox News. Now that the proverbial shoe is on the other foot, CNN hasn’t been taking it very well.

Highlighting how unsettling it can be when someone questions your credibility and journalistic standards, Cavuto argued that turnabout is fair play.

Earlier in the week, President-elect Donald Trump let CNN know how he, and many Americans, think about the network when he accused them of being “fake news” and essentially blew them off during a news conference. Considering how CNN has treated the president-elect, it was a moment they should have expected.

In fact, it could be one of many, and Cavuto couldn’t resist rubbing it in.

“How does it feel to be dismissed, or worse, ignored? How does it feel when your feelings are hurt? When your reporters are singled out? And you’re treated unfairly and unkindly? Even rudely? What is it like not to be liked? It’s not really fun, is it?” Cavuto asked.

“Isn’t it obnoxious and unfair how some celebrate your plight? Kind of feels like the way you celebrated ours, doesn’t it?” he continued. “They say payback’s a b****.”

Ouch. Watch Cavuto rip CNN to shreds in just over one minute in the video below:

It’s hard to disagree with Cavuto about any of this. CNN has led the pack when it comes to trashing Trump, and now they appear to grappling with how to survive the honest truth that they are distrusted fake news peddlers.

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