CNN Host’s Kids Call Him “Fake News” at Home

CNN Hosts Kids Call Him Fake News at Home

President Donald Trump and many other Republicans have been using the term “fake news” to describe CNN, The New York Times, and a host of other liberal news outlets that are more interested in their political agendas than in reporting the truth.

The term “fake news” has become so common that apparently even CNN anchor Jake Tapper’s son is using the term to mouth off to his father, The Hollywood Reporter reported.

“(My son) now does an impression where whenever I’m bothering him he says, ‘fake news,’” Tapper explained in an interview.

That has to be really annoying to hear at home. It really says something when your own kid calls you “fake news” at home, and then you have to go to work to cover the president of the United States who also calls you “very fake news.”

It is unclear if Tapper’s kid really believes his father reports fake news, or if he is simply doing what billions of children have always done and trying to be as annoying as possible.

“I’ve got two kids. They’re going to some day read back about this period in our history and I want them to be proud of me,” Tapper stated.

Well, he may be disappointed in that department. Someday, people are going to look back on this period and wonder why organizations like CNN and The Times were so eager for ratings that they would deliberately lie about the president, and why people like Tapper participated.

Tapper isn’t one of the worst people CNN has. If he really is concerned about what his kids are going to think in the future, maybe he should start taking a more active stance against some of the blatant lies that his employer promotes.

That might really make his kids proud.

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