CNN Host Gets Burned Over Liberal Media Bias… “This Is a Joke” [WATCH]


Conservative journalist Mollie Hemingway, senior editor at The Federalist, appeared on CNN’s“Reliable Sources” on Sunday and set the record straight about the biased liberal media, leaving host Brian Stelter wondering what hit him.

Stelter asked Hemingway where the media went wrong, and how they could possibly regain the public’s trust.

Hemingway explained the cold, hard truth, leaving the host speechless.

She said what happened with the media and the election was a “complete failure at every step of the process during this entire campaign.”

She said the media, from day one, told the public they wanted former presidential nominee Hillary Clinton to win, and “they gambled everything — including their credibility,” on defeating President-elect Donald Trump.

She added that The New York Times’ had “crapped the bed this cycle.”

Anyone with eyes or ears had no problem understanding how the media felt about Clinton, she said, yet that was a feeling that was unmatched in the general population.

“So you had people in our newsrooms, in our major national media telling us things we knew were not true. I don’t know what the media can do now to regain its credibility,” she said.

She’s right. The media never wanted to believe Trump could win, so they blasted him while dismissing his chances. They never took him or his supporters seriously. They also ignored the massive numbers of people he drew to his rallies, and they ignored the mountain of scandals that plagued their chosen candidate.

All of those things are bad, because the media damaged their own credibility. CNN was dubbed the “Clinton News Network” long before the election. It still refuses to acknowledge that its reputation amounts to being nothing more than being a mouthpiece for the Democrat Party.

The media have a tough hill to climb, should they attempt to restore the true meaning of journalism. They must first see through their own arrogance, which might prove to be a more difficult task.

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