CNN Hires Former Trump Spokesman Jason Miller As a Contributor

CNN Hires Former Trump Spokesman Jason Miller As a Contributor

CNN, which is probably known more for its liberal slant on the news than for anything else, has turned heads in the media by unexpectedly making a hire favorable to President Donald Trump.

Business Insider reported that the network had added Jason Miller, Trump’s former campaign spokesman, as a contributor. CNN president Jeff Zucker confirmed the hire.

Miller served as senior communications director for the president’s transition team as well as for his campaign.

He accepted the role of White House communications director in December, but eventually turned down the position after allegations surfaced of an affair with another Trump transition member. Miller claimed he turned down the position to spend more time with his family.

Miller wasn’t the first person from Trump’s team to head to CNN. The network also hired Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski in June as a commentator. Lewandowski has since left CNN to launch a political consulting firm.

Liberals will no doubt see hiring Miller as contemptible and claim that this hire renders theinetwork unwatchable, when the truth of the matter is that the “Clinton News Network” has been difficult to watch for some time now.

CNN is probably attempting to save what little good reputation it has left. Trump’s allegations that the network is “fake news” aren’t something he dreamed up — and much of the nation knows it. This reality leaves CNN in the precarious situation of trying to save face while still attempting to shove its liberal agenda and lies down everyone’s throats.

One thing is certain: Miller will be a busy man if he intends to bring balance to CNN.

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