CNN Airs SICK Fantasy Assassination Scenario About Trump

CNN Airs SICK Fantasy Assassination Scenario About Trump

During Wednesday’s broadcast of “The Situation Room” on CNN, correspondent Brian Todd provided a disturbing look at what would happen were President Donald Trump, Vice President Mike Pence, House Speaker Paul Ryan and the president pro tempore of the Senate assassinated.

Specifically, he speculated on “who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president,” according to The Epoch Times.

Not shockingly, CNN was the only network that chose to essentially fantasize about the president-elect’s potential death.

Watch the segment below:

As noted by Breitbart, the crux of CNN’s bizarre daydream was that were Trump and his top officials wiped out, “most of the people who would take over in the worst-case scenario would keep the Obama administration in power, at least indirectly.”

Backlash to this poorly conceived report has been massive, with over 12,500 viewers having down-voted the video by Friday morning.

“To think I was once a Democrat,” read the most up-voted comment on the video, written by Tiara S. “This party sunk (sic) to a brand-new low and CNN is crowning prince (sic) in their fake agenda.”

Paul Joseph Watson asked, “Given the huge number of death threats leveled at Trump — including one family friend of Hillary Clinton who was arrested after he threatened to assassinate Trump at the inauguration — is CNN irresponsible in drawing attention to this issue?”

It’s safe to assume, judging by the mainstream media’s love of failed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, that if she had won the 2016 election and Fox News had subsequently run a segment about her potential assassination, the media would have flipped their lids in outrage.

But because the daydream was offered by a liberal network and against an incoming Republican president, nobody but conservatives seemed to care.

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