Clinton Portrait Prominently Displayed Among White House Christmas Decorations


Hillary Clinton may not have won the race for the White House, nonetheless she will be on prominent display in it during the Christmas season.

“An official portrait of the former first lady and Democratic presidential nominee is hanging in the Cross Hall of the White House, displayed alongside an array of bells, baubles and other holiday décor,” The Hill reported.

“A tree adorned with gold stars represents ‘The Gift of Service,’ which pays homage to first lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden’s Joining Forces initiative, aimed at supporting military service members and their families. Kiosks with touch screens can be used to pen a note to send to troops,” The Hill added.

The decorations also include the first dog-inspired creations: the first family’s pooches, Bo and Sunny, made with more than 25,000 yarn pom-poms.

Additionally, 56 gingerbread houses adorn 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue — one for each state and territory in the U.S.

Despite Hillary Clinton losing the race for the White House by a significant Electoral College margin–306 to 232, she has not given up the fight just yet.

The Democrat nominee joined Green Party candidate Jill Stein’s efforts this week to demand a recount in Wisconsin and perhaps other key swing states like Michigan and Pennsylvania (though the deadline to seek one in the Keystone State has passed).

Fox News personality and former prosecutor Gregg Jarrett published an op-ed Monday arguing that Clinton just may be squandering her “get of jail free” card by unnecessarily antagonizing President-elect Donald Trump.

Jarrett recounts that Trump “was clearly moved by what he described as a ‘lovely’ conversation with Clinton” when she called to concede the race. “It was a tough call for her. She couldn’t have been nicer. She’s very strong and very smart,” Trump told CBS News’ 60 Minutes.

As reported by Western Journalism, Trump even appeared to back off his campaign promise to prosecute Hillary Clinton in relation to the email scandal and the Clinton Foundation.

“While Clinton may be a smart person,” writes Jarrett, “it makes no sense whatsoever for her to risk criminal indictment by alienating the one person who can best insulate her from the legal consequences of her own extremely careless, if not intentional, conduct. And for what? A recount that is destined to fail?”

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