Clinton Losing Votes To Trump In Wisconsin Recount


Donald Trump has moved further ahead of Hillary Clinton in Wisconsin as the recount continues. Meanwhile, Green Party candidate Jill Stein plans to file suit in federal court in Pennsylvania on Monday to force a recount in the Keystone State, which Donald Trump has called “a scam to raise money.”

At the end of fourth day of the Wisconsin recount, Trump inched further ahead in gaining 39 votes on Hillary Clinton, according to

As reported by Western Journalism, approximately 22,000 votes separate Clinton and winner Trump.

Trump garnered 1,404,000 (47.2 percent) votes to Clinton’s 1,381,823 (46.4 percent), while Green Party candidate Jill Stein, who called for the recount (now backed by Clinton’s campaign), took 1 percent of the vote or 31,006.

The recount in Wisconsin is costing the state’s taxpayers $3.5 million, reports.

In Pennsylvania, Stein has dropped her suit in state court, citing the costs and legal hurdles, and plans to file in federal court to force a recount.

The candidate garnered approximately 49,600 votes in the Keystone State to Trump’s 2,955,000 and Hillary Clinton’s 2,906,000. The gap between Trump and Clinton stands at approximately 47,000 votes.

In order for an automatic recount to be triggered, the difference between the candidates must be .05 percent or less; however, the current difference is 0.8 percent, so the threshold was not met, according to the state’s posted results.

“Stein denied that the more than $6.5 million she’s raised for the recount — far more than the nearly $900,000 she collected for her 2012 presidential campaign and the $2.5 million she raised in 2016 as the Green Party nominee — is a list-building fundraising scheme,” CNN reported.

“This money is going strictly into a segregated account which can only be spent on the recount. So, this money is entirely, will be completely used, and we’ll be lucky if we can cover the costs,” she said.

In Michigan elections board deadlocked on Friday, so a recount will go forward on Tuesday or Wednesday in the Great Lakes State unless the court intervenes. Two Republicans on the board voted against the recount and two Democrats voted in favor of it.

Trump won Michigan by 10,700 votes, according to the official results. An automatic recount in the state is triggered when the difference is 2,000 votes or less.

Former Democratic National Committee chairman and former governor of Pennsylvania Ed Rendell called Stein’s recount in his state, Wisconsin and Michigan a “waste of time.”

“Jill Stein has not cited in Wisconsin, Michigan or Pennsylvania any explicit, concrete evidence that there was fraud,” said Rendell, according to Fox News. “In fact, the Secretary of State of Pennsylvania [who once worked for Rendell] … says there’s no evidence of any fraud. … The suits are a waste of time.”

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