Clinton Campaign Seeks Volunteers To Help Voter Recount Effort


Even as Hillary Clinton’s campaign team seeks to publicly distance itself from a vote recount effort, the campaign website is seeking volunteers to get involved. is seeking individuals who can volunteer to participate in the Michigan and Wisconsin recounts that were sought by Green Party candidate Jill Stein.

“Help with the Michigan recount,” the site says. “Let us know if you want to get involved.”

Some commentators noted that the Clinton camp’s support for the recount could have repercussions.

Writing in the New York Post, John Crudele noted that joining the recount was Clinton’s “prerogative as a sore loser.”

“Talk about misjudging the situation,” he wrote. “The nonsensical recount will be over in a few weeks, with zero upside for the Democrats, while a perturbed Trump could reverse his call on a Clinton investigation. In fact, that threat could hang over her as long as Trump is in office.”

“Joining the recount effort? Call it her dumbest move yet. And that is saying something,” he added.

Even as the Clinton’s website was urging Clinton supporters to entry the fray, Marc Elias, general counsel for the Clinton campaign, sought to downplay the role of the Clinton team in the recount.

“Dr. Stein sought this recount, not Secretary Clinton. Indeed, Dr. Stein has also criticized our decision to participate in the recount,” he said in an interview with The Washington Post.

Elias painted a picture of the campaign as an unwilling but essential participant in the process.

“As one of the candidates in the race we are necessarily involved in the process and will participate. We do not expect to challenge ballots, or delay the electors from being certified by the state. Our role will be to observe the process and ensure that Secretary Clinton and her voters’ interests are protected and that there is an accurate vote count,” he said.

In the interview, Elias admitted that the Clinton team does not expect to find problems with the results.

“We have received lots of information … that hacking of the system is possible. We did not receive any evidence that it actually happened,” he said, adding, “we have found no evidence of widespread fraud in connect with the elections in these states or any other in 2016.”

Elias also sought to dampen any hope that the recount would change the results.

“If the campaign thought that the results could change based on a recount, we would have sought them. We didn’t,” he said.

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