Chuck Schumer Will Join Democrat Filibuster Of Gorsuch [Video]

Chuck Schumer Will Join Democrat Filibuster Of Gorsuch

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., formally announced his plans to vote against Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court.

“After careful deliberation, I have concluded that I cannot support Judge Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court,” Schumer announced Thursday via Twitter.

Schumer said in a Senate floor speech that he will vote against Gorsuch because he “was unable to sufficiently convince me that he’d be an independent check” against President Donald Trump.

In the eyes of Schumer, Gorsuch is “not a neutral legal mind but someone with a deep-seated conservative ideology. He was groomed by the Federalist Society and has shown not one inch of difference between his views and theirs.”

The Federalist Society is a one of the two conservative organizations that provided Trump a list of names of who he should consider to nominate to the Supreme Court.

Not only will he vote “no” on Gorusch, Schumer announced his intentions to spearhead the Democratic filibuster effort against Trump’s Supreme Court nominee.

Schumer’s pledge to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination means Republicans will need to convince eight Democratic Senators to break from their party and vote for the Supreme Court nominee.

Senate Republicans have the option to deny the filibuster by invoking the so-called “nuclear option” of modifying Senate rules to allow Supreme Court nominees to be confirmed with a simple 51-vote majority.

In 2013, then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid invoked the “nuclear option” to allow simple majority votes on all presidential nominations with the sole exception of the Supreme Court.

Despite the fact Senate Democrats changed Senate rules in their favor in 2013, Schumer said it would be unacceptable for Republicans to do the same for Gorsuch.

“If this nominee cannot earn 60 votes — a bar met by each of President Obama’s nominees and President Bush’s nominees — the answer is not to change the rules. It’s to change the nominee,” Schumer said.

At the onset of Gorsuch’s Senate nomination battle, it appeared he had a good chance of winning bipartisan support. The Senate unanimously confirmed the judge to serve on the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2006.

Among those who voted in favor of Gorsuch’s 2006 nomination were then-Sens. Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden.

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