Chuck Norris Pens Christmas Message Remembering Troops Serving At Home And Abroad


There will never be another President Ronald Reagan. But conservative megastar Chuck Norris is doing a pretty good job keeping his candle burning, especially at Christmas.

In a Christmas editorial for his regular WND column, Norris recalled images of the Gipper in a beautiful holiday message.

Known for being a tough guy in films, Norris has taken up Reagan’s cause of decency and conservative values. His Christmas message focused on the men and women who did not spend Christmas with their families because they were serving their country, protecting the freedoms we too often take for granted.

“But we know that many of our best and bravest don’t get home for the holidays,” Norris wrote. “They serve the cause of freedom here and abroad so we can enjoy the peace and freedom we do.”

The Arizona Daily Independent reported that the United States had 1.4 million overseas deployments over the Christmas season. The contractors, civil employees and military personnel who bravely protect our interests and our allies are stationed or deployed in 150 countries.

“Unless you’ve lived away from loved ones, especially at a distance in the heat of war, it’s difficult to know just how tough and sacrificial it can be,” Norris explained. “All four of us Norris men (my father, two brothers and me) all get it, as we served in the military overseas during the holidays. And so do many other great veterans across our land.”

Norris enumerated the many acts of kindness, generosity and honor that Americans pay to the troops at Christmas: boxes of homemade treats baked by communities, trucks of Christmas trees, thousands of pairs of warm socks, and nearly half a million wreaths at Arlington National Cemetery.

These tokens of appreciation may be small to us, but they mean the world to a Marine who longs for his family, or a soldier who has been out on patrol all night and returns to find a special Christmas meal waiting for her.

The Corpus Christi Caller-Times reported on a group of Vietnam veterans who meet each Christmas season to share stories of their time in service, to remember those who never came home, and to pray for those currently serving. Mostly in their 70s, these vets embody the American spirit of sacrifice and service.

“We’re always ready to serve whenever and wherever they send us,” one veteran said.

“From my wife, Gena, and myself, we salute and wish our troops – here and abroad, their families and indeed the entire American family the very merriest of Christmases and the happiest of New Years!” Norris concluded in his column.

Do you see a pattern here? Legendary movie heroes don’t often become liberals. Charleton Heston, Ronald Reagan, Jimmy Stewart, the Duke — the lessons and values learned while playing the good guy stayed with them, and defined their whole lives.

Like Reagan, Chuck Norris always plays the good guy in his movies. This Christmas, he reminds us to remember who the true heroes are.

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