Chuck Norris Meets Netanyahu, Tells Him He’s Got His Back

Chuck Norris Meets Netanyahu Tells Him Hes Got His Back

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu received a visit from a famous American that made him feel like his country was more secure than ever.

Because when Chuck Norris in is town, you’ve got all the protection you need.

The conservative actor and his wife, Gena O’Kelley, met with the prime minster on Wednesday.

Upon meeting Norris, Netanyahu jokingly told him, ”Listen, Israel is strong, but it’s indestructible now.” Later, the prime minister told his security detail they could clear the building because Norris was there.

The prime minster was obviously playing along with the popular, satirical “facts” about Chuck Norris and his ability to instill fear in the toughest of all creatures in the universe.

All kidding aside, Norris told Netanyahu he and his wife had been looking forward to the meeting, adding that the Israeli leader would always have the actor’s support.

“All that was coming down, I didn’t know what to do,” Norris told Netanyahu. “My wife said, ‘I know what to do. I’m calling over there.’”

The prime minster posted a video of part of the meeting to his Facebook account.

He also posted an image to his Instagram account:

ישראל חזקה ועכשיו חזקה מתמיד. ברוך הבא צ׳אק נוריס! Israel is strong, now even stronger. Welcome Chuck!

A photo posted by Benjamin Netanyahu (@b.netanyahu) on

Norris and his wife also reportedly visited the Western Wall on Sunday.

The “Walker, Texas Ranger” star also met with former Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold on Saturday, according to Fox News.

According to The Jerusalem Post, it wasn’t immediately known how long the martial artist, a staunch supporter of Israel and Netanyahu, would be visiting the country.

However, if you believe all of the internet facts about the actor, one thing’s for sure — while he’s in town, everyone is safe, because Norris is so tough that even the dark is afraid of him.

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